For private collaborating (Intranet with a company, for projects etc.)

A tool to collaborate with a small team or, you need a private blog where only your team members can view, share files and write the content without going to backend.


Features of the theme.


we added file attachment and user notification functions into the P2 theme. Also we added theme admin options so you can avoid features that you do not want.


  • A twitter like theme where the admin and authors can post and reply quick status updates without going to wordpress admin.
  • If private blogging is enabled via theme admin options, You will need to log-in before accessing the blog content. With the members only function in the theme, it serves as private blog as well wherein, you may post the ongoing updates and concerns without any kind of formalities, can make fun or even rant.
  • Attach file(s) when you post an update. Perfect for bug reporting and other tiny file transfers so you refer to the update whenever you need.
  • Notify users When you are adding an important update and want to make sure all / some members needs to be notified about an update. Simply select all/some of the users and post your update. The selected users will be sent an email with the alert on the update you made.
  • Very simple and usable look that resembles 37signal’s product basecamp.
  • If you wish to keep the header small, simply remove pages and slogan from your wp-admin and the header height will automatically be reduced.