Real Estate Property Add-On

Create an ideal real estate portal using this add-on which includes property listing, custom property search and filters, unique property submission form, custom widgets and IDX/MLS compatibility.

Directory Real Estate Plugin

Best thing about the Real Estate add on is that it works on top of the Directory theme, with or without directory features. In other words, you have the power of the Directory theme (child themes, payment gateways, add-ons) and the flexibility to build a real estate property and showcase it the way you want. And you always have the option open to extend your real estate portal to other niche in future.

Create a real estate portal

This add-on helps you create a Real Estate portal on top of our Directory theme. Once activated, it adds everything necessary to run a Real Estate portal on your site. A new “Property” post type, custom widgets, property search, property filter, property submission form etc.

Customizable property search

This add-on comes with a customizable, pre-built “property search” widget with necessary search fields. Any custom field you create inside Directory (for the Property post type) can also be added to the homepage search widget.

Instant property filter

Not only custom search but AJAX property filters are also available on all property list, property search results & property category pages. This will help your visitors narrowing down the results to very quickly to property of exact kind they are looking for. The Real Estate add-on comes with built-in filters such as Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Property Status, Property Type and more.

Filtering functionality can be extended with the List Filter add-on which allows custom fields to be included as filters inside the widget.

IDX/MLS compatibility

Along with the ability to manage properties created on your site, with the Real Estate add-on you will also be able to showcase IDX/MLS properties. This functionality is enabled using the dsIDXpress plugin.

Screenshot tour of RealEstate add-on

  • wordpress property

    Home Page

  • wordpress property

    Category Page Grid View

  • wordpress property

    Category Page List View

  • wordpress property

    Property Detail Page

  • wordpress property

    Submit Property

  • wordpress property

    IDX Single Property

Manage property status

Property statuses are essentially tags displayed within the property thumbnails on homepage and category pages. You can use these statuses to mark properties with tags such as “Hot”, “On Sale”, “Reduced price” etc. These tags also work as filters for category and search pages. The plugin comes with several useful pre-set tags but you can also add new ones. Each tag can be customized with a unique name and color.

Works with all directory child themes

This add-on allows you to quickly enable all of these property management features inside any existing Directory-powered website. This means any of the unique Directory child theme designs can be used for creating a real estate portal.

Homepage property widget

Real Estate add-on adds a “Homepage Display Properties” widget on your site. This widget showcases properties and comes with a number of grouping and sorting features. These include:

  • Sorting options: Featured first, Only featured, Random, Date, Property price low/high, By price package
  • Number of properties to show
  • View type (list or grid)
  • Filter by categories
  • By property type: Sale and Rent

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