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Directory Theme For WordPress

What is Directory?

Created using input from real directory owners and years of experience, directory theme is perfect platform for those who want to not only create but also run successful, money making online business out of a directory site. Trusted by thousands, this is the best directory solution available today.


So, what can you do with Directory?

  •  Create and manage content
    Allow visitors to submit content by using front-end submissions forms. Use the back-end to create and control every little thing displaying on the site.

    Allow visitors to register and post content
    The best listings directory theme around
    Every CMS allows you to modify and publish content, but not many give visitors the same opportunity. Our listings directory theme enables you to do just that; create submission pages visitors can use to post content on the site. Submitted content can be moderated from the back-end. But before they do this they’ll have to register. With Directory, you can edit register fields in order to capture unique information from visitors
    Go one step further and define a new post type. For instance, create a post type called “Properties” and showcase nearby houses and apartments for sale. Submission pages can be generated for every post type you create.
    Custom fields – the glue that binds everything
    The best listings directory theme around
    All submission pages within the listings directory theme (you can create as many as you need) are constructed using custom fields. A bunch of these fields come preinstalled when you activate Directory, but new ones can be added as well. There are 13 different field types for you to choose from, including radio and checkbox buttons, text fields, date pickers and more.
    Along with facilitating submissions, custom fields also play a role in monetizing the site. This is achieved by connecting custom fields to price packages?. Read more about money-making features below.
    Extensive event management?
    Events in directory integrate completely with custom fields mentioned earlier. Use the back-end to create new fields for the event submission form or just edit the existing ones. In the front-end, all event listing pages feature three tabs for easier navigation: Current, Upcoming and Past. You can also define the default tab. Here are three main things you should know about events in Directory.
    The best listings directory theme around

  •  Make money from your site
    Charge for content submission using price packages. Setup recurring payments, create coupons, and more.

    Make money by
    Charging for submissions
    Create price packages and insert them into your submission forms. Price packages can be created for every post type and they are category specific.
    Selling event tickets?
    Create ticket products using WooCommerce? and connect them with events. Event detail page will show the buy button as well as the remaining ticket count.
    Creating a webshop
    Along with selling tickets, you can use WooCommerce to sell other stuff as well. Create your product categories, setup shipping, tax and you’re ready to go!
    Selling ad space?
    Use the back-end to control exactly where each banner shows. Set category specific banners or assign them to each post manually. Multiple locations available.
    Price packages, explained
    Content in key for any directory, and the one you create using this WP Directory theme won’t be any different. Price packages are designed to offer as many possibilities as possible both to you (the admin) and the visitors submitting a post. Here are three things you should know about price packages.
    Two package types
    Pay-per-post packages require the visitors to pay during each post submission.
    Pay-per-subscription packages allow you to set the timeframe in which posts can be submitted as well as a maximum number of listings. Subscription price packages work great in conjunction with recurring PayPal payments.
    Featured posts
    One of the ways you can charge extra for a particular post submission is to set a featured price. Featured prices can be set for both the homepage and category page (different price for each). Featured posts show with a specific label and are stacked at the top of listing pages. Another way to charge extra is to set category prices.
    Custom field monetization?
    This feature allows you to define exactly which custom fields show for each price package. You can also control the number of allowed images and stuff like character count for text fields. In practice, this will allow you to provide additional options (input fields) within the more expensive price packages.
    More monetization features
    Included coupon module
    Create amount based or percentage based coupons and offer discounts on price packages. Set a start/end date for coupons and don’t worry about expiry dates.
    Change the currency
    Set the currency ISO code, the symbol and even the position (before/after amount). There are virtually no limitations here.
    Payment gateways
    Directory comes preinstalled with PayPal and PreBank transfer methods. There are dozens more available optional payment processors.
    Manage transactions
    All payments can be reviewed and approved/denied in the back-end. There are also several dashboard widgets? you can use to keep track of transactions.
    Post upgrade option
    Allow visitors to upgrade their submitted listing to a more expensive price package. They can do so from their front-end user dashboard.
    Generate reports
    Search through submitted transactions using multiple filtering fields such as date, package type, post type, etc. Export results to a .CSV file.


  • Create a global directory
    With over 200 preloaded countries and almost 4000 states Directory makes starting a global directory look easy. Powered by Google Maps!

    Going global wouldn’t be possible without…
    City management
    Add unlimited cities to your site and organize them into countries and states. We’ve pre-loaded hundreds of them to make the process faster.
    A built-in IP tracking script will ensure every visitor is shown the correct city upon arrival. Of course, you can turn this off and show a default city instead.
    Homepage map
    Directory is filled with maps, but this one is special. Integrated search and content-rich popups are just some of the features you’ll find in it.
    City selectors
    While browsing the site visitors can use one of 4 selectors to change the city. Two work above the header, one is appended on the side and the last one is a widget.
    How do cities work in Directory?
    The most complete WordPress listing directory theme
    Cities in this WordPress listing directory theme essentially provide another layer of filtering content. With regular themes you’re limited to organising posts into categories; in Directory everything you create is also filtered by cities. In practice, it means that a person who “lands” in New York won’t see anything posted for London.
    Customise cities by adding a city message or setting a custom header and body background. Choose between using an image or a simple colour for both the header and the body.
    Use city logs to check out how many people visited each of your cities. The theme also logs each visitors IP address.
    Google Map features
    Marker clustering
    Reduce map clutter with marker clustering, a feature available for all listing maps. An option for disabling it is also provided.
    Custom markers
    The icon you add while creating a category will be used to represent that category within every map on the site.
    Auto width
    Automatic map width will allow you insert map widgets in any widgetized area and not worry whether it will fit or not.
    Street View
    Turn on street view by dragging the orange man at any time. Set street view as default view for the detail page map.
    Map shortcode
    Use a map shortcode to generate a fully functional listing map. Works with all created post types.
    Change zoom behavior
    The zoom factor on listing maps can be automatic (by fitting all available posts) or static (by setting it beforehand).
    Four types
    For most of the maps you can choose the map type. These include road, terrain, satellite, hybrid.
    Detail map directions
    Enter your address on the detail page and the map will generate directions to the location of the post you were viewing.
    Full page map
    The homepage map has a button for loading it across the whole page. Use it when searching for something specific.
    In Directory we’ve made it so that geo-location information can be associated with virtually any piece of content. This will allow you to showcase pretty much anything on a map.
    Maps themselves are plentiful. They are featured on the homepage, along with search, category and detail pages. There are 6 different map widgets you can use thought the site.
    With category pages you can choose between using an AJAX based map or a listing map widget. The map widget also enables pinpointing functionality for quickly focusing on a specific map marker.

  •  Expand your business
    Install optional plugins to enable new features for your website. Add-on selection includes an event manager, a multi rating plugin and lots more.

    Premium Directory add-ons
    Adds the “Event” post type to your directory and enables a whole set of awesome event-related features, including recurring events!
    Ad Manager
    Create image-based or code-based ads and place them in one of dozens locations throughout the site. Create category-specific ads.
    Multi Rating
    Builds upon regular reviews/comments by adding star ratings. Define multiple rating options for each post type and each category.
    Fields Monetization
    Monetize custom fields and include them into price packages. Control image uploads and text entry. Works for all created post types.
    Admin Dashboard
    Introduces new widgets for the WordPress dashboard. View transactions and keep track of site statistics.
    Duplicate Post Alert
    Provides feedback in both front-end and back-end while entering the post title; use the information and avoid creating duplicates.
    Map Customizer
    Change the appearance of maps on your site. Set a new color, gamma, saturation, hue and much more for map elements such as roads, water, POI, etc.
    Listing Vouchers
    Allow authors to upload vouchers (i.e. coupons) while submitting their listings. Submitted coupons will show inside a separate tab on listing detail pages.
    Wordpress mega menu plugin
    Mega Menu
    Create menus with complex items that contain several columns on links. It’s also totally responsive.
    Shortcodes Plugin
    Style your text in dozens of different ways. Add buttons, popovers, progress bars, messages boxes and loads more, easily. Just by adding a word (shortcode)

Content management at its finest

The best Directory theme for WordPress

The website you create using this directory theme does not have to rely on just you submitting content. Assuming you allow it, every person that visits your site can also contribute. This is facilitated by customizable register and submission pages. You control every bit of information shown in both forms. Both forms come with a bunch of pre-existing fields allowing you to get started instantly.

One aspect that truly highlights Directory’s power is custom post type management. Add your own post type (e.g., Properties) and populate it with content. Allow visitors to do the same!

Make money on your own terms

The best Directory theme for WordPress


Most websites approach money-making indirectly by focusing on ad revenue. That’s all well and good, but it’s not what Directory is about. The best way to a steady income is to charge for content submission.

This is made possible using price packages that appear at the bottom of your submission pages. They are essentially payment plans; visitors can choose the one which works best for them. Helping you accept payments are two built-in payment methods: PayPal and PreBank transfer. PayPal comes with support for recurring payments. Dozens more available as optional add-ons.

Go global

The best Directory theme for WordPress

Add an unlimited number of cities and manage them all from within a single WordPress install. Using geo-tracking features visitors can be automatically presented with a city that’s closest to them. You can also set it up so that the default city opens for each visitor.

Full integration with Google Maps ensures Directory will work virtually everywhere. Cool map features such as marker clustering and Street View are always at your disposal. Maps have been provided for essentially every section of the site; from the homepage to category and detail pages, Google is everywhere 🙂

Although catered to a global audience by default, Directory theme scales very well and is great for creating smaller directories. Use it to manage a single country, single state and even just a single city.

What is powering Directory?

As previously mentioned, Directory is powered by a whole suite of plugins and themes. Most important of which is Tevolution, the glue that holds everything together. This is our core app plugin and is used to power the most advanced of eMB’s products. The plugin enables you to generate new post types, manage custom fields, generate submission forms and loads of other stuff.

Tevolution Features

Advanced Page Templates
Tevolution comes with three super-advanced page templates; Submit Form, Map Display and Advanced Search. The Submit From template for example allows you to generate fully-functional submission forms based on the custom fields you’ve created earlier.
Bulk Import / Export / Update
In Tevolution you can bulk import/export all of your content. Also, for the first time it is possible to update existing content as well. Bulk importing and updating can be done with one .csv file – new entries will be added and existing ones will be updated.
Multiple Payment Methods
Tevolution comes with several online paying methods (gateways) and one offline method (Direct Bank Transfer). On top of that new payment gateways will be available for purchasing from the member area.
Currency Options
Changing a currency is as easy as changing the currency code (used by the payment gateways) and the symbol (displayed by the theme). Since all of it is entered manually you can use virtually any currency in circulation today.
User Profile Fields
This functionality is similar to regular custom fields, but instead of displaying fields inside the submission form, the fields are displayed in the register form. Several field types are provided here as well.
Claim Ownership
Want to enable users to claim listings you or another member posted earlier? You can with this functionality! Submitted claims will appear in the dashboard waiting for your approval.
Coupon Module
Create and offer coupons/discounts for your members. Coupon discount can be fixed or percentile (price package dependent). It is also possible to specify a time frame in which the coupon is valid.
Transaction Details
Overview of all transactions made on your site. Search and filters have also been included meaning you can display only submissions for a certain type or payment method.

The best Directory theme for WordPress
  • Directory plugin

    Adds the “Listing” post type and also multiple widgets for showcasing content on the homepage. Comes with settings for controlling a single city as well as several maps.

  • Location Manager

    Use it to add cities to your site and create a global directory. Contains 240 countries, 3900 states and 3 cities to help you get started. Customise individual city appearance.

Extend the functionality with add-ons

Most features mentioned on this page are provided with the base Directory package (one outlined directly above). Using add-ons you can expand your site even further. Install some of the add-ons listed below to enable things like ad management, advanced ratings, event manipulation and more.

      •  Event Manager
        Create regular and recurring events, connect with listings.
      •  Ad Manager
        Showcase banners on multiple places throughout the site
      •  Multi Rating
        Add category-specific rating options for all your post types.
      •  Admin Dashboard
        Keep track of transactions using dashboard widgets
      •  Fields Monetization
        Connect custom fields with price packages for monetizing variety.
      •  Prevent Duplicate Entry
        Notify visitors when they enter already existing post titles.

Directory Designs

It contains most of the design elements necessary to construct the front-end. Also features an entirely responsive design and comes with automatic dashboard updates.


 Location Guide